Home Birth: Pros and Cons

In the old days, women did not have access to hospitals, or even doctors and nurses. They would give birth on their own, and with the help of other women in their home. Some of them would call the local midwife, but in more cases than one, by the time she would arrive, everything would have been over. Obviously, a lot of complications during childbirth ended tragically, but also, the majority of children were alive and well. Today, when all the wonders of modern medicine are available to future mothers, a lot of them still choose to give birth to their child at home. Naturally, in far better conditions than our grand-grandmothers had. The opinions are divided on this subject. Whether you think this is a good idea or not, here are some pros and cons for you to study.

Home Birth Pros 

This means that you would be giving birth in the comfort of your home. However, it definitely involves a presence of some sort of professional, most likely a midwife. Here are the positivesides of this type of birth.

1. Familiarity of Your Home

This is one of the most important events in your life. There is nothing else like that. Therefore, it is only logical that you would want to have that moment in the warmth of your home. Everything there is familiar to you, and you would be stress free in that regard. Also, it is the best place to welcome your child into the world – at their home.

2. No Hospital Bill

This may seem as a mundane reason, because this is such a special moment. However, hospital bills can be enormous. You will have a lot of expenses once the baby arrives and that means that you should save up in any way you can. You will have to pay for your midwife’s services, but that bill will not be anywhere close to what a hospital charges.

3. Freedom of Movement and Habits

In hospitals, everything is restricted by rules. You cannot eat what you like and you cannot drink whenever or whatever you like. Also, your visits are limited and the entertainment is poor-to-nonexistent. Being around other women can be good for you in these vulnerable moments, and you get to share stories and bits of advice, however, you might just not appreciate socializing this way, as you yourself are still exhausted. When you are at home, you can basically do whatever you want – if it does not harm you or the baby and it feels good.

4. Choices About Childbirth

Some women do not want to be subjected to the halogen lights and the sterility of the hospital during this special event. There are women who choose to light candles, arrange cushions or even give birth in the . All those choices are available to you only if you are doing it at home.

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Home Birth Cons

This means that your childbirth will be done in a hospital, involving the presence of an entire team of experts and doctors. Also, it involves the presence of other women that are going through a similar experience.

1. Controlled Environment

Hospitals take great care of the environment in which the childbirth is happening. It starts from the state in which the room is, to the health of the mother and the child. You will be given things to eat and drink that will definitely be good for you. The rooms need to be extra clean in order to prevent infections. This means that you need to have best surgical supplies available, which is easier in hospitals.

2. Better Care in the Hospitals

You may have some cravings that are not that good for you. Also, some of your habits are not beneficial for you or your baby. Those will be restricted in the hospital for your own good. There will be a team of experienced experts present at all times to help you in case of any emergency. You will be monitored and all their equipment will work for you. That is something that you simply cannot guarantee at home. Also, the epidural pain management and the C section are not something that you can get at home.

Postpartum Care and Paperwork

The childbirth experience does not end once you gave birth to your child. The postpartum care for the new mother is very important. You will have to organize that on your own, along with the necessary documentation which you will need to work out alone, perhaps with the help of a midwife. The choice is entirely up to you and your loved ones. However, while the home birth can be a unique and unforgettable experience, there are also some compelling reasons to make that compromise and deliver your baby in a hospital. As in so many situations in life, the only thing that makes a difference is your list of priorities.

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