Blood Clots during Period

It is normal to pass blood clots during menses, as along with the blood the thickened lining of the uterus is also being shed and expelled outside the body. In case the abnormal blood clots during period occur, visit your gynecologist as it may then be an indication of other serious medical illnesses.

Normal Blood Clots during Period

A blood clot passed during menses with the menstrual blood is a gelatinous mass that is red or purple in color. Blood clots are formed when enough anticoagulants are not produced by your body due to lack of time; hence, a female who has a menstrual flow that is quick or heavy is very likely to pass blood clots. So passage of blood clots during period is more common in women who have heavy menstrual cycles than those who have light or medium menstrual cycle.

Abnormal Blood Clots during Period

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