What Causes Left Shoulder Pain?

Left shoulder pain can be extremely concerning, especially when the cause is unknown. The pain may occur when you breathe deeply, making it very difficult to function throughout the day. Left shoulder pain may be the result of normal activities of daily living to serious health conditions. In this article we will describe some common causes of this pain, the symptoms associated with each cause, and what you can do to relieve the discomfort.

Causes of Left Shoulder Pain

Poor Computer Habits

Spending extensive periods of time in front of a computer may lead to acute left shoulder pain. When a person uses a computer their posture is typically slouched with hunched shoulders, leading to left shoulder pain. Working on a computer may also lead to inflammation of the muscles, muscle spasms, and severe headaches. This discomfort can easily be remedied and prevented in the future by improving poor computer habits.

Treatments - There are a few effective methods for preventing the pain caused by bad computer habits.


An injury to the shoulder or surrounding region can cause pain and discomfort. Injury related left shoulder pain is usually quite obvious to a person, particularly if it manifests itself right after the accident that caused the injury. In some cases the pain may not develop immediately after an injury. This is most common among athletes. For instance, a baseball pitcher may cause a problem by straining their tendons and then gradually exacerbate the shoulder by overusing it because they never realized it was damaged. By the time they notice the pain they may have been incurring more damage for months.

Other symptoms that may coincide with this discomfort are swelling, bruising, tenderness when touched, and in some incidents a bulge will form under the skin. However, the type of symptoms that will be experienced by the victim is completely dependent upon the type of injury. If the accident or injury was quite severe then a broken bone may be the cause of the left shoulder pain. A broken collarbone or shoulder blade will be extremely painful, and will be followed by severe swelling, bruising, and the affected bone may protrude from the body.

Treatments - A broken bone will require immediate medical attention. However, if the injury/accident was mild and you are only experiencing minor symptoms, then you may be able to mend the injury by yourself. The first thing that you will need to do is to apply an ice pack to the region. If you do not own an ice pack, then a bag of peas or ice wrapped in a towel will suffice. This should be kept on the area for enough time to prevent excessive swelling, typically around 20 minutes to avoid over-chilling the skin. After this, the area should be compressed with a bandage in order to give it the support it requires. Once the area has been iced and compressed, rest the affected area by avoiding strenuous activities for a few days.

Disease Conditions

Tips for Treating Left Shoulder Pain

If left shoulder pain and any accompanying symptoms plague you for a prolonged period of time, seek medical attention. Treatment for left shoulder pain can be either medical or homeopathic. Medical treatment usually involves the administration of pain and anti-inflammatory medication and strapping the inflected shoulder. If you would prefer a more natural approach, investigate acupuncture, which can be highly effective for shoulder pain.

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