Neck Lump: Cause, Symptom and Treatment

A lump on the neck is also referred to as a neck mass. Neck masses or lumps may be visible as they are large or they may be very small. Majority of the neck lumps are benignand do not cause harm. However, they can also be a symptom of a serious illness such as a cancerous growth or an infection. If there is a lump on your neck, you should get it promptly evaluated by your physician. Visit your physician immediately if there is an unexplained mass on your neck.

What Can a Lump on Neck Mean?

Common Infections That Can Cause a Neck Lump

Neck lumps are quite commonly a result of bacterial or viral infections. Infections that usually result in neck lumps are:

Other Infectious That Can Cause a Neck Lump

Less common infections that are potentially life-threatening and cause neck lumps are:

Autoimmune Diseases That Can Result in a Lump on Neck

Neck lumps may be due to immune system problems, including:

Cancers That May Cause Neck Lumps

Neck lumps may also occur due to various types of cancers such as:

Benign Tumors That May Cause a Lump on Neck

Certain benign tumors can also result in neck lumps. Some of these are:

Other Causes of Neck Lump

Neck lump may also occur as a result of:

What Are the Symptoms of Neck Lump?

Depending upon the cause, neck lump may be multiple or single, firm or soft, or painless or painful. They may either grow rapidly or not grow at all.

Localized Symptoms Which May Appear with Neck Lumps

A lump on the neck may be associated with certain localized symptoms around or in the lump, including:

Other Symptoms That May Accompany a Neck Lump

Symptoms related to other systems of the body may accompany a neck lump, including:

Serious Symptoms Accompanying a Neck Lump Which May Indicate a Life-Threatening Illness

In certain cases, a lump on neck may be associated with symptoms that indicate a life-threatening or serious illness that should be evaluated immediately in an emergency room. Seek immediate medical attention (call 911) if you, or someone you know develop any of the following symptoms:

How Is Neck Lump Treated?

The treatment strategy for a lump on the neck is decided according to the cause of the lump.

Early detection of the exact cause is vital to the successful treatment of a lump on neck. Majority of the head and neck cancers can be treated with few side effects if early detection of the cancer is made.

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