ADHA Diet for Adult and Kids

ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can be kept within controllable boundaries in many ways. ADHD diet is probably the best way. Many researchers have speculated about the possibility that certain foods affect ADHD, although it seems clear no food can causes it. Certain foods, however, have been proven to have a certain effect, either alleviating or aggravating ADHD symptoms, or even triggering similar symptoms to those people expressed by people suffering from ADHD.

What Should Be Included in ADHD Diet?

Here are several different ingredients not to forget about when building a diet to relieve the symptoms of ADHD.

  1. Omega 3 FatOther than being generally beneficial for your body as a whole, this polyunsaturated fatty acid has proven to reduce ADHD symptoms by even up to 50%. It can be found in most bluefish (sardines, tuna, salmon), some vegetables and nuts, and is highly recommended by all doctors.
  2. Zinc, Iron and Magnesium. Low levels of any of these minerals have proven to be linked with inattentiveness. All three minerals have an effect on neuron synapsis and the production of dopamine, a crucial neurotransmitter. These canbe found in seafood, meat, cereals and other fibersand poultry.
  3. Protein. Protein is also used to produce neurotransmitters in our bodies to increase our levels of attention. It also prevents rises of sugar level in your blood stream, which increase hyperactivity. Protein can be found in meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans and in all lacteals from milk to cheese.
  4. B Vitamins. B vitamins can not only enhance people’ attention capacities, but also relief stress and aggressiveness. B6, in particular, increases the level of dopamine in our system, which is a very important neurotransmitter. Alimentary supplements containing B vitamins can be found in all pharmacies and will have an almost immediate effect.
  5. Picamilon. Picamilon is a not-so-common combination of a specific kind of B vitamin and an acid. It has slight stimulating brain effects by increasing its blood stream, improving responsiveness and focus. It will alleviate ADHD symptoms and also has a positive overall effect.
  6. Multi-Mineral Supplements. If you do not ever have time, or by any other reason cannot get to have a proper meal ordinarily, you might have mineral deficit that aggravates ADHD. Luckily, these supplements can be found in pharmacies easily. The difference will be soon felt.
  7. Herbs. There are a number of herbs that will help alleviate ADHD symptoms effectively.
  • Rhodiola rosea. This arctic herb improves readiness and attention in adults and in children. It seems to be most effective in adolescents.
  • Gingko and ginseng. These magical herbs work as a normal stimulant like tea, coffee or nicotine, but it won't increase the impulsiveness of the patient and can make ADHD patients less distractible.
  • Pycnogenol. This extract improves not only your focus and lucidity, but it also enhances your movement coordination.

Note:When it comes to eating habits, this is undeniably true that you should have a balanced meal. Meals containing necessary nutrients, vegetables, meats and carbohydrates will help people coping with ADHD. Besides, drinking good quantities of water (2 to 2.5 liters a day) also helps.

What Should Be Avoided in ADHD Diets?

Now that we have covered what foods will be added to your ADHD diet, it is time to know what we should sidestep. Any of the following should be avoided.

  1. Dyes and Coloring. It is still to be fully scientifically proven that there is correlation between aggravated ADHD symptoms and the intake of dyed foods. Check the packages to avoid them. But not only food, all sorts of colored stuff is to be avoided, for example, toothpaste and some sports drinks.
  2. Preservatives. After an influential scientific investigation, it is now clear preservatives definitely have a negative effect on hyperactivity. BHA, BHT, TBHQ and sodium nitrated are all should be avoided. Preservatives are mostly found in carbonated drinks, condiments and tined food.
  3. Sugar and Artificial Sweeter. Although it has not been fully proved sugar and sweeter have a direct effect on hyperactivity, it is probably worth reducing the consumption. They increase nervousness, making you more prone to be distracted. It has a bigger effect on kids and adolescents.
  4. Salicylates. Salicylate is a natural substance thatcan be found in many foods, such as almonds, tomatoes, grapes and apples. It is healthy, but many people are quite sensitive to it. An experiment that took place in the 70s has proven the correlation between this substance and increased hyperactivity.
  5. Allergic Food. Allergens are contained in many foods, yet they represent no problem unless you are sensitive to them. If you are, they will affect your brain’s functioning in several ways, some of which will aggravate ADHD symptoms. The top allergen containing foods are wheat, milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, nuts and soy.

 What Are Foods Good For Kids with ADHD?

A child’s metabolism and digestive apparatus differ substantially from that of adults. We should therefore consider slight different treatments for them.

  1. Eggs. Probably the most basic aliment of all time, egg will help your children coping with ADHD as a great protein source, enhancing his concentration.
  2. Oranges. This source of carbohydrates is greatly beneficial for many different biological reasons. One of them is of course helping against hyperactivity.
  3. Whole Grain Cereals. Most kids love to accompany their breakfast with a bowl of cereal and milk. You only need remember to buy the multigrain option, and to avoid the ones with fancy colors as they have been dyed.
  4. Beans. Beans are a great source of carbohydrates and proteins, and they are also a great compliment for many meals. They will make your kid grow strong and help him stay focused in class.
  5. Chicken. Chicken is easy to cook, you can prepare a great variety of plates with it and on top of all, it’s a huge source of proteins. It represents a big ally against ADHD. Besides, kids love it.

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