Causes and Remedies for Hair Growing Out of Mole

A specific type of cell called melanocyte is responsible for causing pigmented spots and bumps on the skin. The color of skin also depends on these pigment-producing cells. Sometimes, if many melanocytes join together, a darker area will be produced, which is called a mole. While some people think differently, most people do not consider a pigmented spot beautiful, especially when hair grows out of a mole.

What Causes Hair to Grow Out of Mole?

It is possible to have hair growing out of mole when you develop these moles on areas of the skin where you have hair follicles, such as the arms, scalp, legs, eyebrows, and genitals. Than means you have hair growing out of your mole mainly because of the location of the mole. The color of the hair that sprouts out of a mole may or may not be black. 

Is a Hairy Mole More Likely to Become Cancerous?

There is a common misconception that when you have hair growing out of a mole, it indicates cancer. Some people may think that removing that hair may trigger or cause cancer. There is no scientific evidence to prove these statements. It is less likely to be true especially because the mole itself has nothing to do with the growth of the hair.

Note: You may be at an increased risk of developing malignant melanoma if you had moles at the time of birth. These moles are called congenital nevi or giant hair nevi. 

When to See a Doctor

You should talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your moles. In some cases, changes to a mole indicate melanoma, a type of skin cancer. This is usually the case when:

Can You Remove Hair Growing Out of Mole?

Yes, you can do it without having to worry about anything. You can try different ways to complete the task. For instance:

Home Remedies to Remove Moles

You do not have to worry about anything when you use natural home remedies to get rid of hair growing out of moles. Just make sure you do not meddle with a mole that is changing its size or color. It is better to talk to a dermatologist in this case.

1. Garlic

Garlic has certain enzymes that can help break down those pigment-producing cells. It also works great to lighten the dark pigmentation.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

You can also rely on ACV to help remove your unsightly moles. It has acid that helps remove the mole.

3. Castor Oil

You can effectively remove moles, warts, and skin tags with the help of castor oil. The best thing is that removing unusual growths in this way will not leave any scars. 

4. Flaxseed Oil

Hair growing out of moles are annoying, and you can try to get rid of raised moles to solve this problem. Use flaxseed oil. Regular application helps soften up the moles and make it easier to remove them.

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