Natural Diuretics

Foods or substances that increase your flow of urine to remove excess fluid from the body are considered a natural diuretic. Many prefer to use these natural substances rather than relying on pills when they require a diuretic to provide medical treatment. Know about some frequently seen natural diuretics.

Natural Diuretics




Functions and Cautions of Diuretics


Diuretics are prescribed to treat the accumulation of fluid in your body’s tissue, a condition known as edema. Those that have heart disease or high blood pressure, and women that are suffering from PMS symptoms such as bloating are often prescribed diuretics to help remove excess fluid being retained in the body that contribute to these conditions. Diuretics are also supplied to those attempting to lose weight.


If you take diuretics indiscriminately they can lead to dehydration or potassium deficiencies that can cause damage to the body.

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