Anxiety After Having a Meal, Why?

Anxiety. Big word. It can hit anyone, anytime, anywhere. It can affect millions of people especially those with panic attacks. It may come in many forms. It may occur regularly without any reasons, without any explanations. Anxiety. It may hit you!

There are a lot of people who develop anxiety after eating something. It may be a very simple attack or at times it can be full blown. Knowing the reasons behind this will help you deal with and prevent it better.

What Might Cause Anxiety After Meal?

Oftentimes, this may be a sign of different issues occurring in the body. This, however, is not a widely understood issue. As a matter of fact, there is no much research conducted to address the issues involved with this kind of anxiety. But since several people already experience this, there were some statements behind it.

1.   Physical Sensations from Food

This is most likely the culprit. And the anxiety may be related with the following problems.

2.   Anxiety and the Gut

Many people considered the gut as the “second brain” since it offers a variety of nerve functions. This is probably the reason why some linked anxiety with the gut. A possible scenario is that something in the gut becomes activated during eating, which causes the mind to start experiencing anxiety.

3.   Environmental Anxiety

Anxiety may also be caused by experiences and environment. The situations that occur during eating may technically have a great effect, leading to symptoms of anxiety.

4.   Feelings over Anxiety

The feelings, outlook, and perspective in life may greatly affect the anxiety condition. Some tend to be concern about their diet plan and their weight especially after eating. So they will become anxious after.

Note: The reasons stated above are merely hypotheses and are not linked to any scientific explanations and research. There are still no clear causes of anxiety after eating. Whatever it is, this condition is not normal and tends to have a great effect on the person experiencing the condition.

What Are the Foods that Can Trigger Anxiety?

The foods eaten can greatly affect anxiety. These may not be the primary cause of this condition, yet they can still contribute to the severity and frequency of anxiety. Some of the foods that can make you feel totally anxious thus should be avoided include the following.

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