Watch for Various Cancer Signs and Seek Early Diagnosis

After cardiovascular diseases, cancer causes the most death in humans. Cancer is characterized by development of abnormal cells that have the capacity to divide uncontrollably and invade and destroy normal cells of the body. Cancer can be cured when it is diagnosed in early stages. Hence, it is imperative to recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer.

What Are the Signs of Cancer?

Cancer can cause various types of symptoms or signs, depending on the location of the cancer, its size and how it affects the tissues or organs. A metastatic cancer that has spread to distant body parts may produce signs in different areas of the body.

General Symptoms of Cancer

  1. Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin)
  2. Jaundice (yellowish appearance of white of eyes and skin)
  3. Reddening of skin
  4. Itching
  5. Excessive growth of hair

Symptoms and Signs of Certain Cancers

When to Visit a Physician?

Visit your physician if you have any signs of cancer mentioned above persistently.

If there are no symptoms of cancer present but still you are worried regarding your risk of developing cancer, see your doctor and discuss your concern. Enquire about the screening procedures and tests for cancer that are recommended for you.

How Is Cancer Diagnosed?

Cancer screening: According to studies, for certain cancers, screening tests are helpful in diagnosing and treating the cancer in its early stages and saving lives. Various patient-advocacy groups and medical organizations have guidelines and recommendations for screening of cancer. Review the guidelines with your physician to determine the best options available on the basis of your own cancer risk factors.

Cancer may be diagnosed using one or more of the following approaches:

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